Crayon room

 That little artist's green room in my previous post has had a makeover. This idea is from the mind of an imaginative 5-year-old. After I said she could have a crayon/artist room and so asked her what color the walls should be, she said, "Blue, like the sky, and the crayons are falling in the sky all over. That's how I imagine it." So I said okay...
 It is a brave thing to take a pencil to a newly-painted, pristine wall, and boldly scribble clouds! But I did, after I had put up an artist-theme bulletin board trim (dollar store) all around for a border at chair-rail height. Then I let the kids fill in my cloud drawings with big, circular motions.

 I got large plastic crayon banks at the dollar store, and used a box-cutter to slice them in half, and then place them on the unused wall in entryway. There is the hanging art in background (above)
 I even put a big plastic crayon on her lamp to the left.  Then we made many large crayons out of craft foam and littleartist arranged them (the aforementioned falling-in-the-sky idea).
We added more crayons on the tabs of the curtains, and lastly, I wrote with crayon (yes, wrote on the wall with crayon) the first ten verses of Psalm 139 along the top of the wall (wraps around the whole room).

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