Pockets Craft

From the library we borrowed a picture book titled "The Pocket Book," in which the character has ten pockets sewn on the front of her dress. I decided to do a dress-shaped project with TheSquirrel, (gluing on) ten pockets of different textures (scraps of fabrics or materials). Then we wrote the descriptions of them, kinda like in the book. We wrote: "A scaly one, a roughy one, a dotty one, a plaidy one, a spotty one, a stripy one, a furry one, a purpley one, a silky one, and one to match my big blue eyes!" What child doesn't like putting things into pockets? And, Hooray for glue guns!


IllustrationFriday: Blanket

Our first daughter's name begins with "E." Her nickname is "the Squirrel." Her special blanket is yellow with snaps she can fasten around her neck like a cape. "Duck" was one of her first and favorite words. She has always loved books and she loves to color with crayons. She owns a pair of snazzy red Mary Janes, and she is growing up like the pretty pink flowers in our garden. Her clothes I chose to hang on the line are some of my favorites that she has grown out of. 2005

Fingerprinting Pictures

The Squirrel (age3) and I discovered we can make little things with our fingerprints. So cute! Got it all from a book by Ed Emberley (view here).