new book coming

Until these October posts, it had been quite a while since I shared some art. This is good news! It is because I was very busy all year in my spare time, illustrating a new book. It will be revealed finally very soon! :)

T-shirt design: owl

I got to play with my mom's embroidery machine! Before I chose the fabrics (all scraps--woohoo for thriftiness/recycling), I designed it first, of course, with pencil...
...then used the applique feature on the embroidery machine, onto the smaller fabric. I then hand-stitched that onto the shirt and hand-sewed the buttons (flowers have buttons as well as the eyes).
[she's saying, "wise up!"] ;)

Fall pic

Just for fun today, because I can't resist a nice pack of decorative papers. I've got it up with my fall decor! favorite season.

T-Shirt design: moose

Made my own souvenir from our trip to New Hampshire :) I chose the fabrics, cut the shapes, and hand-sewed them on. Put the second flower onto a hair-clip to match.