Life Cycle in Felt

Made a life cycle set: the egg on a leaf, the caterpillar (using my centipede), the chrysalis, and the butterfly!
(view my frog life cycle here)


First Felt-ustration: Farm

I've always wanted to make an illustration using felt. I completed one for my nephew's nursery! His room has a John Deere Baby theme.
It was fun!

Hallway Pattern

I've planned on making this pattern on my hallway walls and finally did it!
A couple years ago I scoured Lowes for stencils and/or stamps that I had in mind and these were the only two I liked. Didn't know how I would end up using one or both. Figured out that they nested into each other a bit.
Viola! Ambitious is a better word than crazy. (finally got baseboard too, yippee!)

Felt Critters continued

made some more: a chipmunk, requested to go with the squirrel :)
and chicks for the girls' Easter baskets (those are dangly thread legs haha)