retro design

As an illustrator/designer, I was delighted to notice this cereal box's retro style! Anyone else see this yet? I wonder if this is exactly what the box used to look like... (btw can anyone guess the cap'n's first name? (i found out what it is on the back of this box) hahaha)


Art Camp for Kids 4 (tissue collage)

The last project we did in my week of teaching art camp was based on Eric Carle's work: Carle works with tissue paper; he paints strokes on it. So to begin, we played with tissue paper, creating third colors by overlapping two. (below) Then the kids planned to make either of my examples--a caterpillar or a ladybug. (or bee, butterfly or firefly) After drawing their bug with pencil, they painted what colors they needed, painted onto tissue paper: The next day they cut the pieces from the painted tissue papers that were now dry. And they assembled their bugs!: In this particular Carle book (below), he has a lot of lettering as well, which is what inspired the letter cut-outs and stories that we added. One of the best parts of the week is the reception for parents on the last day! Here is one picture of all their projects displayed! Thank you so much for visiting! Continued in next posts!

Art Camp for Kids 3 (fingerprint art)

Another project in my week of teaching Art Camp was based on this book above by Ed Emberley. We made our fingerprints and thumbprints into drawings, using stamp pad ink. After practicing dragons and lions, (below), we then made people with our fingerprints, (like this from the book)-- I had the kids make the fingerprint people be themselves, doing a hobby they like. Then they pasted their fingerprint self onto a chosen setting photo:
continued in next post!

Art Camp for Kids 2 (found object collage)

At my week teaching art camp we also made collage from found objects!
Two artists we looked at together were: G. Brian Karas (below),
and one of my favorites, Holli Conger (example below).
After sketching an idea, we began by choosing the "junk," and then arranging them...
And after they painted each piece, they glued them down!
Here's three more cute examples: a pig, a robo
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