Hanging kids' art

I have always let my kids tape up their art to their walls-- it's their space and I will be painting over it again anyway. (Wow the camera is showing up the residue from tape....) Well I wanted to get some reins on the abundance of tape and art going on, so put up some rolls of clearanced ribbon and we now only clothespin the art onto the ribbon on the walls. Looks fine even if they are empty, and it is more orderly. Fun project anyway. (hey, to view the above bedroom's farm theme, here is the old post when we did it).
(This kid is def a little artist --you should have seen the "before" picture!)

Winter arrangements

It's always fun to switch certain decorations in each new season. Putting away my Christmas stuff finally, I arranged new Winter decor--snowflakes and frosted pine cones a necessity. New idea this year: pussywillows in the water jar around river rocks.
(wouldn't it be fun to be an artistic florist?) bonus: the picture in the frame above is:


Collage on stretched canvas

So I got some kinda craft bug, and I painted over a dollar-store "stretched canvas." ...I pasted a female cardinal from a magazine cover, and a (picture of a) Bible page. My favorite experiment in it was the letters: I placed letter stickers over the first layer of paint, then painted/sponged a darker color over them, then I peeled off the stickers.
Of course the Scriptures paired with a bird in the snow were: from Matthew 6... "look at the birds of the air, they do not sow or reap or store up in barns, yet your Heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable to Him than they?" :) ...Hence the lettering of "Be still." (--which is like Psalm 46:10 "Be still and know that I am God."
And, randomly, I had this idea to add to my beach-y bathroom. That was fun. Thanks for visiting!


Crayon art

Just for fun, I made a crayon decoration, inspired from a pin I saw on pinterest. Right now it is at our children's art table. E (for all our names) was easier than S (for last name)!

Critters for the stockings

Made some new stuffed felt critters for our kids' Christmas stockings. This koala (5yo's fave animal right now) has a pocket in which I included some felt leaves for the koala to "eat." And that is an E, for her name, on the behind.
For our 7yo, I made a lizard (and the name also starts with E).
On the other side of this critter I have a pocket as well, with felt bugs.
(below is some felt monsters the kids are making, with hot glue instead of sewing)