A craft with TheSquirrel

My 3-yearold and I made a fish tank together. It's a clean empty meat container! This can also be done with the styrofoam kind. That's what I used when I made one of these with my Mommy as a girl...was always one of my favorite crafts I did with her. You can even finish by covering the face of it with clear cling wrap! (wouldn't have photographed well). We started by painting the inside of the container blue, then I cut out "seaweed" shapes with green construction paper and they stuck to the wet paint. I cut the fish shapes out of construction paper and we wanted to decorate the fish with some foam shapes we have. We could also stick the fish to the back but I wanted to try to suspend them from fishing line (no pun intended!) That, however, is tricky because of the way the line stays curled from being rolled on the roll. Well, one of them is hanging without being a little stuck to the blue paint...


IllustrationFriday:Visitors, with color

"The visiting team has a disadvantage when they are not used to the weather conditions!" (click to view larger)
Did you notice how the score is being kept? :)
another detail. (mixed media--drawn with pencil and colored in digitally using scanned fabrics )
I posted this earlier as line drawing only. (here)


IllustrationFriday: Visitors

[I've now finished coloring this! View it here] If you couldn't tell without the color, the visiting team in an arctic setting has a tortoise and a flamingo. The home team has an arctic fox and a polar bear. Hey I missed last week's "Captain" too--that polar bear is the team Captain. ;)

100% girl

A new little character I made especially for my line of kid's clothes! View/buy it here. (There's also a "100% boy" design there)


The Squirrel's IF: Missing

My 3-year-old and I made the IllustrationFriday concept, "Missing," with Play-Doh. Here there were 6 "cookies" and 4 are missing--one left crumbs. (The original is below, then she started handing them out to mommy and daddy...and I liked the spots the grease left, showing where each one was on our dull table.)


IllustrationFriday: Missing

Socks can mysteriously go missing in the laundry. Then you end up with this. See any matches? ...Neither do I.........Why am I even keeping these? :)
detail. (digital mixed media using scanned fabrics) P.S. You know what is a good use for socks without a match or socks that are worn-out? Put your hand inside one, dampen it and dust with it! My mommy taught me that. :) Here is the "Missing" my 3yearold and I did: click