IllustrationFriday: Trick or Treat

Drew this a couple years ago for line art on a flier for our annual harvest festival at church. Colored it for fun and practice. (Normally I have pencil line on top of my textures but this worked with no line.)


IllustrationFriday: Grow

When I plant, I see that area which appears empty on the surface, as it will be when it has grown. I love that this is how God sees us: not as we are right now but God sees us as who we will be! Here are some details... the thing that gave me the idea to do something farm-ish was also the part I was most excited about doing: the bandana/handkerchief print in it.
"For you [believer] are God's husbandry [cultivated field]; God's building." ~ 1Cor 3:9



I love Autumn. These are a couple things I made for fun with pressed leaves that had fallen into our yard. The paper they're on is dark brown and shimmery. Nicer in person. I had a couple matching wooden 5x7 frames laying around...I don't know where i'll hang them yet or if I'll give them away.
(view this craft with TheSquirrel at BigandLittleArt)


IllustrationFriday: Extremes

Who to put on the highest peak, I thought of a Yak because of a book I'm writing that has a yak on a peak...
To counter this yak I thought of some creature that lives very deep down in the sea: an Angler fish. This also works in that their names are on opposite ends of the alphabet!


IllustrationFriday: Open

Watch out when you open your junk drawer. We all have one of those right? (click to view larger) I had so much fun making some dimensional art, using my hands instead of the computer. Just had the itch to try some "found object" art. Check out Holli Conger's awesome work here!

Junkin my Pumpkin

This was so fun! This is my pirate pumpkin. "PumpkinJunkin" is an idea from Holli, who is an awesome illustrator. You decorate your pumpkin with found objects. Join in on the fun here, Holli's first annual pumpkin junkin contest! and here are details:
this is the Squirrel's pumpkin