New kid's room

Our almost-4- yearold daughter's room has been turned into a "Farm Room!" It features a tree with apples to actually pick, fluffy sheep to actually pet, cloth clouds, a barn for a closet, and flowers we crafted together.
Here's what we did: Below is "before" (baby nursery decor we put up when I was pregnant for her...this was a little sad to take down)... I had given her choices like Under the Sea, Jungle, Farm etc, and I was pleased she picked Farm because of my great idea to make her closet doors the "barn." Anyway, here's the story: I started with penciling on sheep next to her bed: When we began with the blue sky together ("stay above the horizon line"), she eventually started to paint a person next to the sheep and cleverly told me it was the shepherd: I thought it was very special so I never painted over it; here remains the shepherd as I added darker green around each sheep and the horizon: and then painted in a brighter, cheerier green: The clouds are a sheer fabric that matches the valance:My favorite part: I glued on (stretchedout) cotton balls to the sheep to make them fluffy: (here's the shepherd up close):In the tree trunk I drew a squirrel because that's our daughter's nickname:I made the barn by painting red around the closet doors and using white tape for the lines (so we don't paint the wood):As an excellent cute touch, we added these flowers we made (great craft out of empty paper towel or toilet paper rolls from Big and Little Art this summer!):
...more flowers above her toy bins: ...& more flowers below the window:
And you can see there we added fake apples that attach to the tree with Velcro-- she can "pick" them from her tree and stick them back on! We found bouquets of 7 small apples at A.C.Moore (craft store)
And to top it all off, if you can see them below, I wrote subtle words all around the top of the wall: it's Psalm 23, usually known as the Shepherd's Psalm:
Back when I had drawn the sheep in pencil, our daughter drew a sheep the way I drew them so we made a frame to put her sheep drawing up in her farm room:
[this craft can be viewed by clicking here]

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ErinGill said...

Very cute! I love the detachable apples!