My Christmas Card

Every year I make a new illustration to send as our Christmas card to family and friends. (I couldn't show it until after I had sent it to everyone.) My message behind this started with the Scripture "Wash me, and I will be whiter than snow." in Psalm 51 So I came up with snowmen. What will they be doing? A mother snowman is straightening a child snowman's scarf. Wouldn't it be cool to pose real snowmen like that? But only a photograph would deliver the idea that they're not actually moving snowmen but posed, unless I really brainstormed little indications for it in an illustration.
After I drew the basic drawing, I wanted it to be more specifically for Christmas, as opposed to just a winter illustration. Besides the red and green colors, this is where the symbols come in: Christmas trees on the scarf, gifts on the hat, and then drums on the mittens (the little drummerboy being one of my fave seasonal songs), and of course hearts for Love on the mother's hat.
Plus, I decided Christmas light bulbs were more fitting objects for eyes than coal is.
To view the context of this card, and other Christmas cards of mine, go to my Portfolio

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