Gifts I made

I made a lot of the gifts we gave this Christmas.
 I really like this wire & bead nest idea; had fun making a few (one for me too!)

These three above were all made a bit differently.
Here is the tutorial that helped me: (click here

And these bracelets were fun to make and to give as well. :) (which you fasten by putting the last button through the loop on the other end)
Here is a tutorial as well: (click here)

 I made two of these on old rough plank wood I had.
(I hand-made a tree & water design which I cut out of paper for a mask, and the letters are stickers I placed too. Then I painted over it all, then removed the tree and letters.)
detail (btw it is Psalm 1:3)

And last but one of my faves: my almost-3-year-old nephew loves his swords and tools and so I made some accessories that slip on a belt and hold swords and tools. Essentially a toolbelt. I used mesh and felt (with hot glue, gotta love that stuff).

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