Puzzles from drawings

I know I'm posting more crafts with TheSquirrel than my illustrations. For me, no news on here is good news! I'm not doing IllustrationFridays as much because my time is spent working on a real illustration job! yay! It's a children's book a friend is self-publishing. This was a quick project TheSquirrel (age4) and I did: I asked her what should we draw and she quickly shouted "a great blue heron!" because we saw them canoing and they're always flying over our house. I was very impressed by her drawing, as she looked at a photo of a great blue heron. They have kinda wiggly long necks--hence the strange shape. Then I helped her notice each other feature. I flipped it over to the other side and drew some lines for her to cut it up. (good cutting practice) And we have a puzzle out of her drawing! Here is mine.

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