IllustrationFriday: Geeky

But who is the oddball now?click to view closer
Sad that we can add black-rimmed glasses to anything and they're suddenly geeky or nerdy. (Sorry to anyone who sports black-rimmed glasses!) Therefore this IF topic was like, "what animal do I feel like drawing, then just add glasses." Anyway I went further with an actual concept to the glasses theme:
Everyone has the geeky glasses, + Someone without the geeky glasses = coolness is relative. :)
The zebra versus the horse was a great avenue for this. sketching zebras:
a composition sketch:
and Photoshop is a great tool for composition adjustments: Anyway here is something my 3-year-old and I made together: I cut out the zebra shape and she drew the stripes on. teehee


swahnen said...

you really put alot of work in to this, and it shows! this was a great idea to the topic...

scribblesk said...

So sweet and well done! Thanks for showing your process! Nice collaborative drawing too!